Friday, February 18, 2011

Emily's 30th Birthday Week!!

Well a couple of week's ago I turned the big 30!!! It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think I got myself prepared or hyped up a bit. 30 so far has been wonderful. I had such a fun birthday/birth week. It all started on Tuesday Feb. 1st. My best friend Hillary invited me to go out for ice cream which is a tradition of ours. We were going to a new ice cream place this time where you get your own ice cream and add any toppings you would like. When we got there, Hillary opened the door for me and when I walked in I heard a bunch of people yell "Suprise"!! To my suprise she had called all of my friends in the ward and had them meet us there for a suprise party!! It was so wonderful!! It was so fun to be truly suprised!! It was so great to have everyone there to help celebrate my birthday and we had a wonderful time together!! It was fun to see everyone!!

On my actual birthday, I went out to breakfast to Ihop with 2 of my good friends that I go walking with, then went to lunch at Olive Garden with my mom and sisters, and then went out to dinner to Texas Roadhouse with Doug and Wyatt!! I can't believe that I did that all in one day. It was so fun though. At lunch, my sister Brita thought it would be fun for everyone to bring 30 of something as a gift. So my mom gave me 30 cute fabric squares, batting and yarn, Jenni gave me a pack of 30 sheets of cute scrapbook paper, Kelleen gave me 20 cute thank you cards, some 5 stamps, and fun flower stickers, Brita gave me 30 cans of Dr. Pepper and a hat that had 30 blow pops on it with a sign that said 30 blows.

Later in the week we celebrated mine and my niece's birthday with Doug's side of the family, and then had a family dinner at my parents house on fast Sunday. We had my favorite, cheese lasagna. It was so yummy. I hadn't had it in a while.

I had a few phone calls that day, got some cute cards, had the Relief Society Presidency stop by with a treat, spent time with friends and family, etc. It was a wonderful day and week. Thank you to everyone who made it so special.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wyatt Tubing!!

Here is one of the videos that I took today of Wyatt tubing for the first time. He had such a fun time and didn't want to quit. Luckily both Doug and Wyatt kept warm. It was a fun activity today.


Doug and Wyatt had a blast playing out in the snow today so we decided to ge a tube for Wyatt to go tubing in our back yard. It was so much fun. Doug got a good work out running around the back yard pulling Wyatt in the tube. Wyatt had so much fun and kept telling Doug to go again and to go faster. It was fun to watch them.

More Christmas Photos!!

Here are a few more Christmas photos. Wyatt was so excited this year. Santa brought him a Lightening McQueen bike, an art set, new toys etc. I think he was very happy with his new bike. He has been riding it in the basement and is getting very good at it. His other favorite toy right now is his racing marble set that he got from Grammy and Papa. He loves to build a new track every day!! We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. We had a wonderful family dinner and party at both my parents house and Doug's parents house, we hung out at home Christmas day for a bit, we were able to talk to my brother Tyler who is on a mission in Georgia on Christmas day, spent time with family, etc.

Christmas Photos!!

Here are some pictures from Christmas this year!! Wyatt got the fun monster trucks from Nana and Bompa, he is wearing the pj's that we got him this year (they were red and green and had Mickey Mouse on them, he loved them, and we gave him Lightening McQueen slippers to wear). It was a very busy but great Christmas this year. We are very blessed.

Gingerbread House!!

This year my friend Lori invited us over to her house for some yummy soup and she helped Wyatt to make a ginger bread house!! It was so much fun. She had the ginger bread house ready to go and all of the treats to put on it. Wyatt had so much fun helping to choose the colors of frosting to use (red, green and orange)and putting on all of the fun treats. It was such a fun activity and he loved looking at his gingerbread house each day. I had fun watching him put everything on his house!! It was a great festive activity.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Photos!!

This year for Halloween Wyatt dressed up as Buzz Lightyear. He had such a fun time wearing his outfit!! Luckily I was able to borrow it from my sister this year!! (Thank you Brita!! Everyone loved the outfit and thought it was so cool!!) Wyatt's friend Justin dressed up as Woody. It was so fun to see them together in their cute outfits!! Wyatt had a fun time in preschool this last month learning halloween songs, making halloween decorations, going trick or treating, etc. Halloween is a fun holiday to celebrate.